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I'm Anna, an accredited naturopathic nutritionist who is passionate about improving health, nutrition and well-being

Your Nutritional Therapy Journey

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Discovery Call

Take advantage of a free 20 minute call to discuss your health goals and discover if we are a good fit

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Choose a programme

Programmes to suit your health goals with appointments available face to face or online

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Feel the benefits

Nutritional therapy is the art of finding the root cause and applying nutritional science to support a return to balance and wellness

A unique experience tailored to you

Seeking to truly understand the cause of your symptoms or poor health is the foundation of nutritional therapy, no two people are the same and therefore no two nutritional wellness plans are the same. Your experience will be truly personalised.

Nutritional Therapy

Focuses on the nutrient value of food to ensure optimal well-being and sustained health. Encompassing lifestyle and environmental factors that detract from the state of ultimate well-being


A system of healthcare which encourages and promotes the body’s own self-healing mechanisms

Functional Testing

Drawing on various forms of testing through well respected partners can form part of getting to the root of your health concerns

What do my clients say?

I went to see Anna for help with my diet, I had a few health complaints and my goal was to reduce inflammation. Anna was so lovely and understanding. I thought I had a relatively healthy diet but after working with Anna it became apparent that I was very deficient in certain food groups. She gave me a plan to follow in terms food, drinks and supplements. I have had amazing results and I've never felt healthier. Thank you Anna
Anna made me feel confident i could make changes and was very supportive and helpful when i needed her. I had great results!
I have suffered for years and felt I had exhausted all options to feel better, I found nutritional therapy to be transforming for me. The process itself was therapeutic. 

Where shall we meet?

Let’s work together on your health programme at this picturesque location of the Wellness Rooms, Tur Langton, Leicestershire. Or if you’d prefer you can receive as much support and guidance working together via Zoom. 

Just some of the conditions nutritional therapy can be transformational for...



Auto immune conditions

Skin conditions


Fatigue/low energy

Cardiovascular conditions

Womens health conditions

Mens health conditions

Healthy ageing

Joint pain

Reducing inflammation and pain

Behavioural conditions

Sleep issues


Paediatric conditions